FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to suggest other questions to a server operator for inclusion


  1. Why is my avatar/comment/channel not remembered when I disconnect?
    That data is only stored for registered users. This is a limitation of Murmur/Mumble.
  2. Can I be registered?
    Absolutely, you'll need to make sure you have the certificate that you want to use. Each user is allowed one certificate that can be used on multiple devices. Right click your name while connected and select "Register".
  3. Why can't I enter the On-Air channel.
    You can; you just need to be staged, first.
    Please wait in the Join Queue channel for a sound technician to pull you into staging. Mic Check & Staging Breakdown
  4. Can I be a moderator?
    In short: Nope.
    If more mods are required, we will decide who we offer positions to, and people who ask will not be on our list.
  5. Can I be an admin?
    Hahaha. That's funny. You're funny.